Primetake Public Order Supplies Public Order

Primetake offers a range of Public Order products for law enforcement and military personnel operating in civil roles. Products within our public order range are used both operationally and in training.

Achieving the relevant safety requirements and technical specifications for products used within the field of public order, defence, and security presents the toughest of all R&D and manufacturing challenges. Thankfully, the operational excellence and advanced capabilities of Primetake’s R&D department means that our team of experts are equipped to rise to these challenges.

In full awareness of the varied risks that police officers, prison guards, military workers, security personnel, and law enforcement teams might experience on a daily basis, our public order products are manufactured using quality materials and are tested rigorously, giving front line workers the peace of mind they need to do their jobs effectively. Although our public order products are made and tested in the UK, Primetake is a proud supplier to law enforcement teams around the globe. The many quality standards and regulations that our product portfolio adheres to reflects the breadth of our customer base.

Our 37mm/40mm non-lethal impact rounds; smoke grenades and distraction devices; 12 gauge rubber ball, bean bag and counter-drone rounds; and 100% natural ingredient irritant spray all represent some of the safest and most advanced public order solutions, used globally by our police and law enforcement clients in their line of duty. Our PSI irritant sprays, for instance, offer advanced and superior incapacitation, providing a more effective alternative to traditionally used PAVA sprays and pepper sprays, without the dangerous collateral effects. Find out more about this particular public order product range here.

Similarly, Primetake’s R&D team have also developed our pyrotechnic and distraction product range, creating a series of rapid smoke grenades that obscure and screen faster than any other product on the market. Comparisons between Primetake products and those of our closest competitors reveal the staggering difference in our public order product capabilities. These ranges represent only a few examples of the public order supplies that Primetake provides. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your team’s specific requirements.

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