Primetake’s Rapid Smoke Grenades create a dense smoke screen more quickly than any other product on the market. The smoke created is thick and heavy, meaning it disperses slowly, and the accelerated initial output of the grenades allow a smoke screen to form almost instantaneously.

You may have seen our demonstration videos, which show a speed of screen comparison between Primetake’s Rapid Smoke Grenades and those of our closest competitor. However, we’d like to thank Ade Newberry from AN Precision Ltd for filming a selection of user demo videos using our coloured smoke grenades for one of our clients in South East Asia.

The client in question purchased our 63mm smoke grenades in a range of colours, along with four different types of distraction grenades, and 12G irritant breaching rounds for use during training sessions for elite units.

As our client base in South East Asia continues to expand – especially in the wake of our team attending several conferencing and networking events in the region – we are grateful to Ade and the team at AN Precision Ltd for their support in facilitating this order in particular, and for their incredibly encouraging feedback following several product trials!

Take a look at Ade’s videos below.

These videos show the output capabilities of our red, yellow, and green Rapid Smoke Grenades. These grenades are just as effective as our white smoke screen grenades, but their vivid colours can be used both to obscure and to provide a signal. The smoke reaches an impressive height, to ensure visibility even in inclement weather. Our R&D team regularly accommodate custom orders and are able to work to a broad spectrum of colour requirements.

As always, our team are on hand to answer any product queries you may have with regards to our smoke grenades. Take a look at our pyrotechnic, smoke, and distraction device product ranges and get in touch either via or using the enquiry form below.