Primetake can supply PSI sprays to defence/security teams and police forces around the UK, helping to keep staff safe in their line of duty.

Traditional pepper and CS sprays have been used for years to temporarily incapacitate aggressors. Their use, however, is restricted by several factors:
         – They take time to cause a reaction.
         – They can affect bystanders and arresting officers within the vicinity.
         – CS sprays can be flammable and dangerous to use with taser guns.
         – The sprays can seriously impact respiratory airways and can cause asphyxiation.
         – Particles of CS can contaminate surfaces with OC (capsaicin) from the spray itself and through contact with the assailant, meaning patrol cars can be contaminated.

Primetake's PSI pro irritant spray

The PSI Pro is the answer to all of these incumbent technology weaknesses. It is more effective in its purpose and far safer to use – for both the arresting officer and the assailant.

Pepper sprays take approximately 20 seconds to demobilize an aggressor and can cause allergic reactions and bronchial constriction. PSI’s active ingredient was patented in 2011, following three years of rigorous research and development, culminating in a more effective spray that exposes the aggressor to less health risks. Using a blend of mint, camphor, lemongrass, and ginger, PSI Pro’s all-natural food-grade ingredients react with the eye membrane on contact, causing temporary blindness by forcing the eyelid to involuntarily close. Aggressors are immediately incapacitated with no effect whatsoever on their respiration.

Pepper spray decontamination requires water, soap, or sodium bicarbonate and it can take over an hour for this process to provide any relief to the assailant. For asphyxiation symptoms, there are no antidotes and effects can last up to a day. The water-soluble nature of the PSI formula means that officers can alleviate the after-effects of the spray with flowing water. The application of water provides instant relief, meaning discomfort is not unnecessarily prolonged for suspects who have ceased to be aggressive or have surrendered themselves to police custody.

While pepper and PAVA sprays are limited by their short range and the effects of the wind, PSI sprays can be easily deployed from up to 5 metres away. The strong liquid jet facilitates the sprays’ use even against the wind and precision targeting allows PSI to be used within close proximity to innocent parties and other law enforcement officers with minimal risk of collateral effect. Enhanced targeting and wind effect resistance means police officers can also use PSI products in indoor settings and places with less ventilation.

It is widely understood that CS spray technology can contaminate innocent by-standers, patrol cars, and police cells. Some are flammable and cannot be used in conjunction with a taser. The PSI Pro spray, on the other hand, does not cause harmful contamination issues and is not flammable.

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