Pyrotechnic, Smoke, & Distraction Devices

Primetake is a well-established designer and manufacturer of pyrotechnic and distraction devices and accessories for wide-ranging uses across multiple sectors.

Our pyrotechnic products are built to be safer, more effective, and more reliable than competing technologies. Primetake’s Rapid Smoke Grenade, for instance, produces a dense smoke screen (for either signalling, screening smoke, stage pyrotechnics, fog security systems, or distraction) faster than any other product on the market.

Primetake’s smoke speed and density is superior…
Notice how fast the screen gets produced and the cool smoke temperature keeps smoke low to ground
Primetake (right) vs commonly used competitor (left)
Note how fast and long the screen builds, and the smoke stays in position unlike competitor products that dissipate upwards with heat.
Primetake flash bangs top and bottom vent to prevent hand injury to the user. They are water-proof, have low smoke signature so they don’t obscure the target, and have a powerful percussive force. The 9 bang variant is highly reliable unlike most other competitor 9 bangs.
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