Primetake Pyrotechnic, Smoke and Distraction Pyrotechnic, Smoke, & Distraction Devices

Primetake is a well-established designer and manufacturer of pyrotechnic and distraction devices and accessories for wide-ranging uses across multiple sectors.

Our pyrotechnic products are built to be safer, more effective, and more reliable than competing technologies.

Primetake’s Rapid Smoke Grenade, for instance, produces a dense smoke screen faster than any other product on the market. Our smoke grenades have been used for signalling, screening smoke, stage pyrotechnics, fog security systems, and distraction, but they are most frequently used by military, police, and armed forces personnel in their line of duty.

Primetake’s new generation Sound and Flash devices (known and ‘flash bangs’, ‘stun grenades’ or ‘distraction devices’) have been designed in cooperation with elite police and special forces around the world. In order to be extremely safe, user friendly but highly effective, the devices bottom and top vent (BTV) to prevent hand injury to the user. They have market leading water-proofing to 15m, have a low smoke signature so that they don’t obscure the target, and have a powerful percussive force. We offer any number of flashes and bangs from 1 to 9. We have heavy weight and light-weight options across the range – all of which show limited movement during initiation in order to be extra safe. The sound is powerful and creates a pressure wave that hardens the tympanic membrane inside the ear and causes a loss of balance – thereby reducing the offensive capability of a threat. The powerful light emission causes unprotected eyes to temporarily shut down – again reducing the someone’s offensive capability.

Our signal cartridges have been designed to achieve maximum height, creating long-lasting, vibrant colours to ensure visibility, even in inclement weather conditions.

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