Counter Drone

Primetake’s Kinetic Effector ‘DB-5’ is a rapidly deployable, cost-effective 12 Gauge Counter-Drone Device.

Recent technological advancements in drone engineering, along with increased public accessibility to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), means that tactical Counter UAV (C-UAV) measures are more important than ever to high security facilities, such as airports, prisons, police stations, defence and armed forces bases, military sites, etc.

Locations such as these have become more vulnerable as a result of the drone market. These drones, also known as Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) or Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), can range from children’s toys to state-of-the-art surveillance devices. The Ministry of Defence and the Military Aviation Authority regularly update laws and legislation regarding drone use, but with amateur hobbyists using UAVs alongside sophisticated criminals, perimeter defences are no longer sufficient to protect against the threat of aerial security breaches.

Primetake is the manufacturer and supplier of the DB-5 (Kinetic Effector) C-UAV device. This technology can be used in urban areas and open spaces, such as airfields, to safely protect against drone encroachment. The round’s Kevlar cord entangles the drone blades mid-flight, enabling the device to be recovered rather than destroyed. In this way, forensic evidence is preserved and police and law enforcement officers are able to bring illegal operators to justice.

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