During the recent delivery of Primetake products into South East Asia, Ade Newberry from AN Precision Ltd not only filmed our Rapid Smokes, but also the range of Flash Bangs that were provided to the same customer. Whilst deployment is always more effective indoors with lower level light, confidence in deployment was prerequisite to the acceptance of the products. They all passed with flying colours and are now part of the user’s operational kit.

In the videos below, you will see that Primetake’s distraction devices produce consistent reports to disorientate the senses. The grenades can be used in a range of environments, having been rigorously tested in a variety of climatic conditions from -56°C to +71°C and up to 100% RHA; proven against sand, dust, freezing, and rain; and in the hot and humid conditions of South East Asia, as seen in the video. They are also waterproof up to a depth of 15 meters for 3 hours. All grenades deploy from vents at the top and bottom of the body for added safety to the user and aid in minimal movement, as shown below:

Ade’s Stun Grenade Demo Videos

Ade’s demonstration videos, from 2 bang to 9 bang, can be seen below:

Ade’s video demonstrates our 2 bang, 3 bang, 6 bang, and 9 bang stun grenades, but we are able to offer alternatives in the number of reports. We also offer a training variant with a re-usable body to lower the cost of training. We also understand the need to reduce the weight of the kit that operators carry, and we offer a lightweight aluminium option which performs to the same specification and standards of the standard steel body version, as seen in the 7 bang aluminium test video below. 

New Product Development

Our current grenade has a standard 3-stage safety mechanism pin and fly-off lever. However, we are able to adapt the grenade to take a rapid Split-Pin system, which can be deployed single handed with an appropriate pouch system. Watch out for our new videos showing the two deployment methods coming soon.

As always, our team are on hand to answer any product queries you may have. Get in touch either via sales@primetake.com or using the enquiry form below.