Primetake's Gas Flare Ignition technologies ensure sustained efficiency in drilling operations around the world.

Primetake’s 12 gauge Gas Flare Ignition product is a critical flare stack ignition option for drilling crews, should primary ignition mechanisms fail. Owing to the significant costs of downtime in this sector, the reliability and consistency that underpins the Primetake 12 gauge product has allowed Primetake to develop long-standing relationships with our Oil and Gas industry clients.

To meet increasingly stringent environmental controls, the recycling of gas has become a growing requirement. Primetake’s technical team has successfully worked in partnership with GBA Flare Systems to develop an innovative pyrotechnic-based primary ignition system. The StarBurst mitigates the multiple risks presented by firearms methods, lessens the negative environmental impact of traditional continuously burning gas pilots, and offers increased consistency and reliability with minimal staff training.