When training for waterborne or maritime interdiction, what do you think is going to make the training you undertake successful and give your operators the greatest confidence? Transportation, ascending equipment, weapons/munitions/pyrotechnics, intelligence and tactics, or extraction methods?

It may be that all are equally important and that each represents an important cog in a well-oiled wheel.

What can help in your assessment is when companies work together to offer joint capabilities, because they recognise that their products compliment each other. These companies can then collaborate to provide you with the best of their respective product lines.

Two companies that are doing just that are Primetake Ltd and Crib Gogh.

Primetake offer a range of specialist munitions and pyrotechnics adapted to provide the extra protection needed for water-based operations, such as fully waterproof tactical 12G products for breaching, irritant infiltration, and small engine disruption, as well as waterproof and lightweight distraction grenades, and fast-acting smoke grenades for screening.

Crib Gogh offer their Torso Subsystems, such as Ascent and Vault. These are the only systems made with a fully integrated harness and integrated anchor points. Vault is the only system in the world with a built-in dorsal lift. Maverick is another completely unique soldier system that offers the only quick release capability that doffs under 1.5 seconds with a full fighting order.

Crib Gogh’s Gold Standard Maritime Interdiction Operations (MI-Ops) capability deals with the threat at hand, as well as the unpredictable environment of the sea. This is where the harness system comes into its element, enabling the wearer to board high-sided container ships using purpose-designed anchor points for fifi hooks and/or powered ascenders.

specialised munitions

Primetake and Crib Gogh’s collaboration allows the end user to adapt and improvise in all Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) situations, where operators need the flexibility to be able to adapt along with the operation as it unfolds.

Having the ability to ascend and descend heights with unique fighting options and specialised munitions, such as smoke screening, provides unique cover at sea when extracting assets. This changes the operational dynamic of not only maritime activities, but also urban counter terror applications too.

Primetake will be at the Defence Services Asia Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 28th to 31st March. The team will be located at stand 6146D, and examples of both companies’ products will on display.

Come and say hello or, alternatively, please contact or for more details on our respective product lines.