Primetake's contribution to global flight safety has been significant through its long-standing and well-established Bird Scaring Cartridge product portfolio

From the largest international airports to small regional airfields, aviation safety is reliant on bird scaring technologies to ensure safe flying operations. In the eight-year period between 2008 and 2015, the International Civil Aviation Organization recorded a total of 97,751 incidents related to bird strikes – doubling the figures recorded between 2001 and 2007.

Our varied product line offers flight safety/airfield staff a broad range of non-lethal options, allowing them to lower the bird strike risk and simultaneously preserve fragile biodiversity.

Over the years, Primetake has expanded and optimised its 12G non-lethal product line capacity. Our bird scaring technologies are diverse and variable, preventing wildlife from adapting or becoming familiar with the tactics used, and our 12G cartridges allow the user increased mobility and the flexibility to continually alter their firing location.

Our mission to protect wildlife is holistic and, as such, we are also in the process of introducing bio-degradable cartridge caps across our range. This not only benefits the environment by lessening the amount of single-use plastics in our products, but it also additionally reduces FOD risks to aircraft operating on an airfield. This environmentally conscious initiative is being applied to all product lines at Primetake and is not exclusive to our wildlife protection product range.

While our bird scaring devices are used predominantly for aviation safety, our resourceful client base has also successfully put them to effective use at waste processing/recycling plants, and other industrial settings. Regardless of the field in which our devices are used, our team are on hand to provide thorough and comprehensive training where required, offering product demonstrations and tutelage on effective operating procedures and firing techniques.

Approved Bird Scaring distributors for Primetake include…

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