Gas Flare Ignition

Primetake’s 12 gauge and rocket propelled flare ignition technologies have been specifically designed for use in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Working in partnership with GBA Flare Systems, Primetake’s technical team has developed an innovative pyrotechnic-based primary ignition system for oil, gas, and petrochemical applications. These systems have been implemented to great effect globally, with a particularly high concentration of systems in place on oil drilling rigs within the North Sea.

Our 12 Gauge gas flare cartridge fires a sub-calibre projectile with a sparkling tail of incandescent particles of a temperature sufficient to ignite a gas flare stack. The pellet’s trajectory is controlled by an enclosed guide tube. When the gas flare ignition cartridge exits the tube and connects with the impact plate, multiple incendiary sparks ignite the flare gas jet. Such precise technology means that the risk of human error – which remains a prominent issue with traditional shotgun flare and signal flare methods – is removed. The cartridges also incorporate additional features to further improve safety measures. In the unlikely event that the system malfunctions, cartridges become inert in under 5 seconds and cannot be lit.

Cold Flaring approaches recover and recycle flare gas, reducing emissions exponentially in comparison to continuously burning gas pilots. As the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry makes further advancements towards environmentally conscious ‘Zero Flaring’ targets, increasingly opting for cold flaring agendas, Primetake’s Starburst gas flare ignition cartridges proudly represent the next step in developments within the field.

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