12 Gauge

Primetake Irritant Multi Purpose (IMP) rounds are designed to be used during Method of Entry (MOE) operations where CS irritant is needed. The Long Range IMP round can be fired at ranges of up to 35m through doors and windows (including most types of glass) and produces an immediate large cloud of fast acting CS dust up to 10m behind the door or window. The Short Range IMP round is designed to be fired at close range (less than 25mm) and will penetrate doors and windows creating a similar CS effect.

Training versions of both the Long and Short Range IMP rounds are available,  Chalk dust replaces CS dust allowing realistic training.

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Image Product Product Description Calibre Media (Video)
PT1033A Cartridge 12G IMP Long Range CS Non WP 12G Video
PT1038A Cartridge 12G Long Range CS Irritant WP 12G
PT1526A Cartridge 12G IMP Short Range CS High Power Non WP 12G Video
PT1528A Cartridge 12G Short Range Irritant CS HP WP 12G

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