Submersible Ammunition Range

Most 12G cartridges are made up of a 2-part plastic body, a brass base, and a cardboard top, meaning that they are unusable after exposure in water, moisture, or humidity. Primetake offers a comprehensive range of submersible 12G ammunition options for tactical operations across a range of extreme and unpredictable settings. Our rounds use a special sealant and are enclosed within a single metallic case, meaning that they are entirely waterproof and can be fully submerged in seawater, river, or lake water down to 30m with no impact on their function at the surface.   

Ram Round Stainless Steel Waterproof Ammunition Rounds

Our 12G range includes Breaching Rounds, which are specially formulated to enable access through doors by targeting locks and hinges at close range; CS Infiltration Rounds, which penetrate doors, various types of glass, and some soft-skinned vehicles, producing a cloud of CS irritant beyond the barrier; and Anti Material Rounds, which disrupt and disable vehicle engines and motors upon impact.

For elite end users working in wet or humid environments, this product capability offers welcome peace of mind.

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