Primetake Specialist Ammunition Tactical Ammunition

Primetake is an ammunition specialist, designing and customising products for elite forces. Our R&D team uses market-leading agility and advanced technological capabilities to provide enhanced, matched-to-weapon products for the most challenging tactical scenarios.

The Primetake tactical ammunition portfolio includes counter terror ammunition, 300 blackout rounds, glass-penetration ammunition, armour piercing rounds, and other small arms ammo.

Our small arms calibres range from 9mm to 12.7mm and our portfolio also includes an outstanding suite of REACH compliant BLK (.300) ammunition, with sub-sonic projectiles that are able to achieve <1.5MOA at 100m, alongside our award-winning Glass Penetration SP2 rounds.

Primetake’s tactical ammunition range offers match grade precision and accuracy as standard, as well as enhanced specialist capabilities. This ammunition has been designed to strengthen existing tactical proficiency and create new tactical possibilities, unachievable with conventional ammunition. Ammunition is modified and customised to suit specific user needs and facilitate maximum efficiency. Specialists within our R&D team work closely with clients, incorporating their years of experience and their knowledge of the latest technological advancements to create customised, specialist ammunition to fulfil individual briefs effectively.

Over the years, we have worked with national and international police and military personnel, SWAT teams, counter terror organisations, private clients, and many other specialist user groups to create optimised and bespoke ammunition for a wide range of applications. Whatever the requirements, we have you covered.

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