Primetake Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges & 12 Gauge Blanks

We pride ourselves on our high quality, hand-built Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges and 12 Gauge Blanks, which we provide to customers all around the world.

Our cartridges are produced for a variety of ceremonial artillery guns and cannons, from 3Pdr to 25Pdr, 40mm to 105mm. Primetake is able to customise, adapt, and develop saluting blanks for specific user requirements. Products are built to the highest ISO 9001 quality standards to ensure safety and reliability.

Primetake is the leading supplier of 12 gauge saluting blanks for Royal and State events, both nationally and internationally. Clients using our black powder blanks for ceremonial occasions, state events, and 21 gun salutes choose Primetake for superior product quality and reliability.

Alongside ceremonial occasions, our blank ammunition has been used in re-enactments and in theatrical performances. They have been used for alarm mines, as trespass deterrents, in training exercises, as tripwire blanks, and even as polar bear scares. The cartridges provide the realism of regular 12 gauge ammunition in terms of sound and effect, simply without the projectile.

As blank cartridge manufacturers with an extremely capable Research and Development Team, Primetake is equipped to design and produce blank rounds for a range of purposes to suit any customer needs and specificities.

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