Primetake Omega Sniper Ammunition Ωmega Sniper Ammunition

Primetake’s Ωmega Sniper products give ‘Match Grade’ ammunition a whole new meaning.

Our Ωmega rounds have been designed specifically for sniper operations with a superior ballistic coefficient and increased velocity to give snipers and sharpshooters a longer effective range and increased hit probability. Ωmega Sniper ammunition is best in class and gives <0.5MOA accuracy in proof firings.

Exceptionally accurate. Note the incendiary effects occur on rear of the strike face as well as the front of the strike face (this, alongside accuracy and consistency, makes Primetake’s API round better than competitors).

Multiple calibres of sniper ammunition are available from Primetake. All have <1MOA performance. 0.6MOA is a normal result with Primetake’s sniper ammunition in most commonly bought weapon platforms. Primetake ‘matches’ its ammunition to weapon systems for enhanced performance.

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