EOD & Demolition


Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Demolition

Primetake manufactures a range of EOD equipment for use in military applications. For information on these products please visit our distributors website: www.abprecision.co.uk


For military requirements of demolition stores, a number of different products are needed to work in conjunction with each other. Primetake builds and supplies a range of accessories to aid in the initiation and deployment of Demolition products. The operational scenarios will determine which product or combination of products would be best suited for the various roles.

Demolition Equipment

Product Code Product Description Calibre Details
PT1506 Igniter Safety Fuze Electric N/A Details
PT1520 Primer Booster 1oz N/A Details
PT1574 Igniter Safety Fuze Percussion N/A Details
PT2088C Combination Switch N/A Details
PT2667 Firing Device Kit Demolition Grip N/A Details
PTPT9105A VADS 2 Unit incl. Mains Adaptor N/A Details
PTPT9105G VADS 200m Black & Tan Firing Cable N/A Details

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