The development of drone technology has caused an increase in the availability of civilian drones. In certain circumstances, these drones are being used dangerously, illegally or even as an act of terror.

Many counter drone systems, whilst effective, require costly investment and significant installation.  For this reason, Primetake have developed a rapidly deployable, cost effective last line of defence.

The uniquely designed 12G cartridge has been created in order to safely disable drones in both rural and urban environments. In the event of a missed shot and when fired in excess of 20° the round descends to earth at a less lethal velocity making it safe to use in the presence of bystanders. Effective up to a range of 75 metres, the Primetake DB-5 can be cycled through any conventional 12 Gauge weapon platform and requires minimal training for a user to become proficient with the round.

The video above highlights the rounds capabilities in a rural environment and some of the technical specifications of the round. For further information or to attend a demonstration day please email