With increasing disruptions to UK airports, including Gatwick and Heathrow, drones are becoming an increasing risk to the safety and security of airports and passengers. 

With drone use across the UK increasing the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is mandating that drone operators register their drones and take an online test. This however is unlikely to stop the use of illegally modified drones. For this reason, Primetake have developed a rapidly deployable defence against UAV’s.

Whilst many counter drone systems require high initial investments, the DB-5 is an extremely cost effective solution that can be used alongside other technologies and transported to any part of the airfield with an operator. Users require minimal training to become proficient.

The DB-5 eliminates drones by using a two pronged disruption system, the high tensile cord tangles the drones rotors whilst the zinc alloy projectiles fracture the casing, damaging internal components.

The round has an effective range of up to 75 metres, and is capable of being cycled from any conventional 12G platform including semi autos. Due to the specially designed projectiles the DB-5 is suitable for use in urban areas and airfields.

The video below highlights the rounds capabilities in a rural environment and some of the technical specifications of the round. For further information or to attend a demonstration day please email Sales@primetake.com.