About Primetake

Established in 1991, Primetake initially specialised in aviation safety and operated as a wildlife management firm, designing and manufacturing bird scaring cartridges of a non-lethal nature for use in private and commercial airports.

Building on from the groundbreaking work of our in-house research and development team, Primetake expanded into the field of munitions, developing an innovative range of tactical 12 gauge rounds for use in defence, security, military, and anti-terror sectors. A subsequent relocation to a new purpose-built facility meant that many more products could be meticulously developed and added to the portfolio. Primetake is now a leading supplier of ceremonial saluting cartridges, pyrotechnics/energetics, EOD cartridges, sniper ammunition, smoke and distraction devices, signal technologies, and counter-terror ammunition.

As well as exceptional accuracy and reliability, the agility of our research and development team in customising and matching a product to its application (for example, matching ammunition to specific weapon systems), is what differentiates Primetake from its competitors.