Combining our pyrotechnic expertise with their gas flare system knowledge, Primetake has recently been working collaboratively with GBA Flare Systems to develop a cutting-edge new method of flare ignition.

Traditionally, oil flare systems have used continuously burning gas pilots, typically involving electronic ignition or incorporating a flame front generator. Shotgun star-shells have also been used to ignite flares but – while effective – the safety risks are manifold. The involvement of firearms necessitates specific licencing and excessive hazard precautions, the star-shells have a limited range, and the degree of accuracy needed demands rigorous marksman training, particularly when it comes to firing in adverse weather conditions.

Contemporary approaches have moved towards a Cold Flare system, in which flare gas is recovered and recycled, reducing emissions and contributing towards the environmentally-conscious target of ‘Zero Flaring’. Importantly, Cold Flare systems are consistently and reliably accurate.

The StarBurst system is a new and innovative advancement in Cold Flaring. StarBurst pellets are propelled by pyrotechnic ignition systems and boast an impressive range in excess of 100 metres. The pellet’s trajectory is controlled using an enclosed guide tube and is launched from a launching cabinet with a 24-pellet capacity. When the pellet exits the tube and connects with the impact plate, multiple incendiary sparks are released to ignite the flare gas jet in numerous places. Spent pellet casings are automatically collected for safe disposal and, in the unlikely event of a malfunction, the pellet becomes inert in under 5 seconds and will not ignite.

StarBurst mitigates the multiple risks presented by firearms methods, lessens the negative environmental impact of traditional continuously burning gas pilots, and offers increased consistency and reliability with minimal staff training.

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