Primetake are always seeking to expand their product portfolio to better serve our customers. As a result, Primetake are now able to supply PAVA spray to Police forces around the UK.

Sized to fit current pouches and storage units, the sprays have also received the DSTL (previously CAST) Confirmation of Accreditation in line with the Home Office Publication 23/14 Standard for Police Chemical Irritant Sprays: CS and PAVA.

PAVA spray is non-flammable and suitable for use alongside Tasers. The spray can be deployed over distances up to 5 metres for safe incapacitation of targets whilst minimising risk to users. In addition, the spray is capable of being utilised in a full 360degree rotation.

PAVA sprays are currently in production and will be available to deliver to customers from 1st November 2018. Primetake are accepting pre delivery orders so that stock can be allocated and immediately despatched one received.

Prices for Primetake’s PAVA spray are available upon enquiry. Any interested parties are invited to email for more information