January 2021 saw the introduction of new legislation by the British Government outlining alterations to current laws defending birds, wildlife, and biodiversity. Licences GL40, GL41, and GL42 have now been replaced by GL34, GL35 and GL36, protecting more species of wild birds from death and injury. These rules are applicable across a wide range of industries, including aviation.

Falcons and birds of prey present a real risk to aircraft.

Aircraft bird strikes can prove to be lethal, both to animal and human life. As such, wildlife control is particularly important at airports. From small, private airfields and military flying bases to major international flight hubs, Primetake’s bird scaring products are used every day to ensure safe take-offs and landings.

Like any responsible and ethical business, Primetake has a strong focus on the prosperity of the environment. The R&D department works to mitigate our impact. From decreasing plastic in favour of biodegradable materials, to the development of new innovations in wildlife management, we strive to protect biodiversity in all that we do.

We recognise the need to control wildlife at locations in which conflict with human activity can be dangerous; however, with our advanced technologies, we seek to protect animals that encroach in these areas, rather than harm them. Primetake is a world leader in 12 Gauge bird scaring products. Distraction devices, rubber ball and baton rounds are non-lethal options and protect precious – yet potentially dangerous – animals when in conflict with humans. There is variety and diversity to our scare methods, preventing adaptation and familiarity from the perspective of the wildlife.

Importantly, Primetake’s entire range is fully adherent to the Government’s new 2021 legislation, meaning that our clients can rest assured that the use of our products on airfields and other settings is legally sanctioned. See some of our products in action at 18:13 below.