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Human-led development and industry increasingly encroaches on animal habitats, causing irreparable harm to wildlife, the environment, and biodiversity as a whole. From airports to agricultural and industrial sites, Primetake’s non-lethal wildlife protection technology can be used to safely disperse birds and other animals at these margins of conflict.

Our bird dispersal systems are most frequently used in the aviation industry. Bird strikes pose a severe threat to airplanes and flight activity, causing significant damage to aircraft and endangering passengers and staff. From large international airports to small private or regional airfields and military bases, bird scaring devices are used daily to ensure planes are able to arrive and depart safely. Primetake’s 12 gauge bird scaring range reliably and safely disperses birds, protecting airport workers and customers from harm. Importantly, our bird scaring range allows airport staff to manage wildlife in a harmless and non-lethal way, offering ethical and innovative solutions that protect the birds too.

As world-leading pioneers in 12 gauge bird scaring products, Primetake’s humane distraction devices and rubber ball and baton rounds are used in airports of all shapes and sizes across the globe. Our technologies are diverse and variable, preventing wildlife from adapting or becoming too familiar with the scare tactics used, and our 12G cartridges allow the user increased mobility and the flexibility to continually alter their firing location. The Primetake team are always on hand to offer support and guidance on effective bird dispersal methods. We are also equipped to provide comprehensive training on how to use our products. For further information, please get in touch.

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