Primetake Bird Scaring and Wildlife Protection Bird Scaring & Wildlife Protection

In these times of ecological crisis, animal populations must be cared for and allowed to thrive. It is well understood that human-led development/industry is encroaching on animal habitats and causing irreparable harm. Primetake’s non-lethal wildlife protection technology range has been designed to preserve biodiversity at these margins of conflict.

Wildlife control is of particular importance when it comes to aviation flight safety, with bird strikes posing a significant threat to arriving and departing aircraft at busy airports. Primetake is the world leader in 12 Gauge bird scaring products, which are in use across major international airports and small regional airfields. Distraction devices, rubber ball and baton rounds are used to humanely and non-lethally protect precious – yet potentially dangerous – animals when in conflict (known as the ‘zone of retaliation’) with humans.