PT4515 – 9 x 19mm Counter Terror Round

PT4515 – 9 x 19mm Counter Terror Round

Methods of Use

The 9mm Counter Terror (CT) round is designed for use in confined spaces and sensitive areas such as aircraft or built up areas where bystanders and hostage situations demand low risk of over penetration. The projectile is designed to impart its kinetic energy within the target ensuring that collateral damage is minimised or eliminated altogether. The 9mm Counter Terror (CT) round is ideal for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) situations by specialist and elite units for operational use.


The projectile has been specifically designed for reducing collateral damage but at the same time retaining a high level of stopping power and controlled terminal ballistic effects. The projectile materials are completely free from lead material an d are REACH compliant.


The 9mm Counter Terror (CT) round has been specifically designed to function safely and effectively to C.I.P. safe working pressures at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +52°C. The 9mm Counter Terror (CT) round cycles and functions through both the 9mm Glock 17 pistol and the 9mm MP5 SMG at all of these operating temperatures, with exceptional close quarter combat accuracy at distances up to and including 15 metres for the pistol and 50 metres for the MP5. The 9mm Counter Terror (CT) round also has a bullet extraction force compliant to MOPI specifications, enabling it to be constantly re-cycled through semiautomatic weapons.

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