Primetake are pleased to announce they have concluded shooting on another high speed video. These videos help to demonstrate the specialist nature and effects of our ammunition products.

Many of our products unique performance characteristics lie within their terminal effects, which to any conventional camera is not visible, other than the end result. Therefore using state of the art high speed cameras,(similar to those used at many major sporting events, such as Formula 1 Motor Racing) recording at speeds exceed 20,000 FPS we have been able to reveal the true innovative and specialist capability of our rounds in the most revealing and breath-taking way.

For November’s shoot, Primetake focused on capturing footage of the 300 AAC Blackout round and the newly developed 5.56mm Armour Piercing rounds at high speeds. Light was limited and so shooting started bright and early at 8:00am. Filming continued over the course of the day with a number of different rounds being tested against different targets such as reinforced glass and armour plate.

The team battled through inclement weather conditions but managed to successfully shoot all the required footage before finishing at 5:00pm.

The full videos will be released shortly. however you can refresh your memory of some of Primetake’s other high speed videos by clicking the link here.

Alternatively check back soon for the new videos.