Primetake are proud to once again sponsor the bi annual Sniper Symposium, hosted in Salisbury on the 12th and 13th September 2018. Over the course of the two days, the event will seek to examine the likely development of precision shooting capabilities over the next decade.

Primetake will be supplying quantities of all of their Ωmega match grade sniper ammunition for demonstrations at the event. Users will be able to try out our full range of Ωmega Sniper ammunition from 7.62x51mm/ .308” through to 12.7x99mm/.50″ Cal products. The range includes Subsonic, Ball, AP, API and Tracer rounds as well as the highly specialised ‘Special Purpose 2’ barrier defeating round.

The event will include senior requirements briefings by international military personnel at the Rose & Crown Hotel in Salisbury and a day & night practical shoot at COTEC on Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Should you be interested in attending this event please contact and for more information on the range of Primetake’s Ωmega Sniper range contact