As lockdown restrictions ease and travel quarantines are relaxed, employees and managers across all sectors are returning to work to find it’s not quite as easy as simply “picking up where we left off”.

In the absence of the general populous, we’ve watched wildlife reclaim urban spaces: there are dolphins in the canals of Venice, there are deer roaming through once busy highstreets and, in previously packed airports, there are more birds and rabbits than ever before. While a resurgence in animal populations can only be a good thing, increased wildlife numbers on airfields aggravates the potential risk to both human (flight safety) and animal life.

The Government’s recent decision to promptly reopen airways therefore calls for swift and strategic action in wildlife management to safeguard and protect passengers and workers. Primetake Ltd has been working with major and minor national and international airports throughout the global lock-down to ensure that wildlife has been safely and effectively managed in a harmless and non-lethal way, offering ethical and innovative solutions that minimise the threat to biodiversity.

The decreased number of flights brought about by the global COVID-19 lockdown has forced airports to become more proactive in their approach to wildlife management. In response to this increased demand, Primetake has expanded and optimised its 12G non-lethal product line capacity. There is variety and diversity to our scare methods, preventing adaptation and familiarity from the perspective of the wildlife.

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