Primetake’s Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges, fired from 13-pounder field guns, were used by the Ministry of Defence to help greet the US President during this week’s official UK visit.

Primetake’s Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges have been supplied to the Ministry of Defence for 25+ years. We take great pride in customising our market leading Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges for high performance and total reliability.

The cartridges are produced for a variety of artillery guns and cannons from 5Pdr to 25Pdr75mm to 105mm.

Our ceremonial saluting cartridges are hand-built to ISO 9001 quality standards for safety and reliability.

Primetake’s market-leading Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges are well-proven and relied upon by several major European, African, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern militaries, and have been used at a number of ceremonial events.

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