Specialist Ammunition

With the ever increasing requirements for diverse operations, the need for special task ammunition has never been greater.

Primetake designs and manufactures high quality and performance, operational and training ammunition to meet these requirements.

If you can’t find the round you are looking for, other specialist research projects can be undertaken on request. For further information click here.

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Image Product Product Description Calibre
PT3515B 5.56 x 45mm (0.223″) 100gn Subsonic  5.56mm
PT3544A 9mm Counter Terror Round  9mm
PT9300E 9mm 100gn Green Elite NT Frangible  9mm
PT9300F 5.56mm (.223″) REM 45gn Green Elite NT Frangible  5.56mm
PT9300G 7.62mm (.308″) WIN 125gn Green Elite NT Frangible  7.62mm
PT9300H 7.62mm (.308″) WIN 140gn RTP  7.62mm

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