Primetake will be sponsoring the upcoming Sniper Symposium event on 21st – 22nd September 2016 for its second year. The 2015 Sniper Symposium event in Wales proved to be a highly engaging and mutually beneficial event for all parties, and this year’s event is set to host even more visitors for a full day of both presentations and comprehensive product demonstrations.

“The aim of the symposium is to examine the likely development of precision shooting capabilities over the next decade. The event will include senior requirements briefings by international military personnel at the Regency Park Hotel in Newbury and a day & night practical shoot at a nearby range complex showcasing the latest weapons, ammunition, sights and targets.”

Omega Conferences & Events

The 2016 Sniper Symposium will be attended by military and defence industry personnel and a selection of military officers responsible for force development of snipers within their own organisations have been invited to provide presentations.

Primetake will be demonstrating their full range of specialist munitions products on the range day; where they have opted to demonstrate the 9mm Counter Terror and Special Purpose 2 barrier defeating rounds amongst distraction devices, pyrotechnics and the distinguished Ωmega™ Sniper .308″, .338″ and .50″ Cal Ammunition.

Finally, Primetake will be conducting a technical presentation around weapon and bullet harmonisation  as well as discussing hit rate probability with the enhanced performance Ωmega™ Sniper Ammunition.

We look forward to the event and hope to see you there.

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21st – 22nd September 2016