PT3581 – 12 Gauge T-Less Blank

PT3581 – 12 Gauge T-Less Blank

Methods of Use

The 12G T-Less Blank is the alternative to the Tea Blank where the requirement to simulate entry tactics does not need a loud report, smoke and flame. Instead it will produce the nominal sound of the primer.


The round consists of only a primer and a white top card. The 12G T-Less Blank is supplied in a green plastic cartridge case.


Use in Magnum proofed unchoked shotguns only. Not to be fired through 12 Gauge pistols or other shotguns, including semi-automatic.
Range Safety Template available on request.
Articles should remain within the original sealed package and be stored within a temperature controlled environment of +5°C to +30°C; relative humidity should not exceed 70%. Storage outside of these conditions will not be warranted and may reduce the shelf life and lead to the articles not functioning as intended.

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