PT3535 – 12 Gauge S.I.P. Stabilised Impact Projectile

PT3535 – 12 Gauge S.I.P. Stabilised Impact Projectile

Methods of Use

Primetake’s Stabilised Impact Projectile (S.I.P.) Round is designed to be accurate and incapacitate or distract a target using non lethal force. The S.I.P. Round fires a single stabilised impact projectile which will incapacitate or distract targeted aggressive individuals.
The S.I.P. Round is highly accurate at 20m and beyond with controlled impact, energy and velocity.


The round contains a nitrocellulose propellant which fires a polyester nylon pouch with polyester tails containing a rubber body filled with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, stainless steel powder and steel shot. The S.I.P. Round is supplied in a dark green plastic cartridge case with grey top.


Use in Magnum proofed unchoked shotguns only. Range Safety Template available on request.

Articles should remain within the original sealed package and be stored within a temperature controlled environment of +5°C to +30°C; relative humidity should not exceed 70%. Storage outside of these conditions will not be warranted and may reduce the shelf life and lead to the articles not functioning as intended.

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