Police & Military Flashbang Device

Primetake’s flashbang device provides you with maximum visibility.

Tough, Durable & Waterproof.

Versatility in tactical situations is key, our flashbang’s are fully waterproof and have been tested in a depth of 15 metres for 3 hours.

Minimal Smoke, Maximum Visibility.

Our efficient device design uses fewer toxic materials, this minimises smoke and ensures enhanced visibility especially in confined areas.

User safety

Extremely safe for the user due to a 2-Stage Safety Mechanism and Top and Bottom Vents.

2-Stage Safety Mechanism

Our 2-Stage Safety Mechanism offers silent pre-deployment activation. This enhanced system ensures the device cannot be accidentally initiated.

Training & Operational Flashbangs are available in:

  • 1 Bang
  • 3 Bang
  • 6 Bang
  • 9 Bang
  • We also offer a host of tailored options specific to your requirements (e.g. custom time delays, sounds and flash).

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