Explosive Ordinance Detonation dates back to the 19th Century, shortly before the first formalised bomb squad being formed in 1903. The range of equipment utilised since then has changed dramatically and over the course of Primetake’s 27 year history, working with partners, the company has developed a range of EOD cartridges to be used with existing EOD systems.

With an extensive experience of manufacturing EOD equipment Primetake have a suite of products available to safely and effectively dispose of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), that are supplied to EOD teams around the world.

These products include;

  • Needle & Needle Plus Cartridge – Utilised for disrupting small letter sized IED’s or for pin point disruption of larger devices
  • Pigstick Disruptor Cartridge –Best suited for use against thin skinned IED’s that are larger and better protected than a letter or small parcel. The device is capable of piercing vehicle body panels from a close distance.
  • Hotrod Disruptor Cartridge – Designed and tested to be utilised against larger, harder skinned IED’s the Hotrod disruptor is a more powerful version of the Pigstick disruptor. Designed to be deployed against IED’s the size of a suitcase the Hotrod is utilised by EOD teams around the world.
  • Window Breaker – The electrically operated window breaker is capable of shattering toughened glass enabling quick entry into almost any vehicle without the use of the primary weapon. The device can be used independently or mounted onto the barrel of a disruptor.
  • 50” Electric Initiator – Designed to be used within the 0.50” de-armour weapon system, and utilised for the render safe of ammunition.

For more information on Primetake’s range of EOD cartridges visit our product page by clicking the link here, or alternatively email Sales@primetake.com to speak with a Primetake sales manager.