Primetake are pleased to release their newly designed 26.5mm and 38mm signal cartridges. The cartridges have been developed for maximum height and long lasting, vibrant colour to ensure their visibility even in inclement weather conditions. Able to be used by both commercial and military personnel, the signal cartridges are suitable for a variety of uses including

  • Ship to ship/ Ship to shore signalling
  • Landing Zone/Drop Zone marking
  • Airport / Oil Rig communication
  • Night-time Area Illumination

To best demonstrate the signal cartridges, the above video features drone footage of them being fired. In addition,  the graphs below help to demonstrate the height and range of the signal cartridges in comparison in optimal conditions.

signal cartridge comparison graph

Primetake would be happy to supply a quantity of sample cartridges to interested businesses, subject to commercial agreements. For more information and to request a sample quantity email