You may have seen our update earlier this week when we reported that Santa had arrived!

Well, after a long journey back to the North Pole, Santa has returned to a fanfare!

The nutcrackers use Primetake’s Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges to welcome him home and congratulate him on another successful Christmas delivery. Distraction devices and bean bag technologies are used to keep the polar bears away from the celebrations for their own protection – the Elves love the bears dearly but they’re no fun at parties!

Santa and Primetake work tirelessly to ensure that environmental concerns are a priority and that the fragile ecosystems in which Santa and the polar bears live is protected. For example, Primetake does not countenance the use of cheap plastic or polyurethane materials in its saluting cartridges. These are harmful to the environment – whether they claim to be biodegradable or not.

Primetake has been thrilled to support Santa’s mission this year with an impressive portfolio of high-performance products. We will be there again next year for more of the same, with new and exciting non-lethal and environmentally friendly technologies introduced by the Primetake’s agile R&D team.


Santa returns to the pole to a hero's welcome