Primetake Exhibiting IDEX

19-23 February 2017 on Stand 07-D21


Primetake will once again be exhibiting at IDEX Abu Dhabi and look forward to meeting you all there. The event will see the launch of Primetake’s brand new products as well as showcasing some interesting on-going developments this year…


The .338 AP projectile commands a tungsten carbide core allowing for astonishing destructive and penetrative capability.  The round is qualified to defeat an array of hardened targets.


The .338 API projectile employs the same technology as the AP, resulting in an equally effective penetrative capability. However, the API also utilises a highly unique mechanically initiated incendiary effect which produces both front and rear incendiary, contrary to most API counterparts.

338 Armour Piercing Incendiary338 Armour Piercing


Primetake’s .308″ Armour Piercing rounds are highly capable against hardened targets, whilst also delivering match grade accuracy. The projectile uses groundbreaking technology to increase the size of the penetrator, allowing for enhanced destructive and penetrative capability.


One of Primetake’s key on-going developments is within the increasingly important .300″ AAC Blackout caliber. With many Special Forces and Counter Terror units set to employ the caliber, Primetake are introducing the new range of products with highly specialised projectiles to maximise performance and capability in challenging tactical scenarios. Where the .300″ AAC Blackout exceeds, the Primetake .300″ range further enhances and specialises.

Primetake have the capability to tune many of their sniper rounds to user specific weapons, thus achieving unrivalled performance through weapon-ammunition harmony.


26.5mm & 38mm Signal Cartridges
In a contrasting area of development, we are launching our highly refined 26.5mm and 38mm Signal Cartridges into the market. These cartridges offer a quicker ignition time than comparable products and importantly will be waterproof – unlike many existing products on the market, making them even more versatile to a wide range of user groups.

If you require any further information on the above products – please contact us Email:

We hope to see you at the show and look forward to presenting our latest specialist munitions product on Stand 07-D21.