Ceremonial saluting cartridges



Primetake take great pride in hand-building Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges for customers around the world. The cartridges are produced for a variety of artillery guns and cannons from 5Pdr to 25Pdr, 75mm to 105mm and can develop cartridges for user specific requirements. These products are built to the highest ISO 9001 quality standards for safety and reliability. Primetake Ceremonial Saluting Cartridges are proven, relied upon and being used by several major European, African, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern militaries.

Product Code Product Description Calibre Details
PT1508A 3 Pdr Blank 300g 3 Pdr Details
PT4514 12 Pdr Blank 113.5g 12 Pdr Details
PT1522A 25 Pdr Blank 110g 25 Pdr Details
PT1522B 25 Pdr Blank 454g Modular 25 Pdr Details
PT1522C 25 Pdr Blank 454g 25 Pdr Details
PT1522D 25 Pdr Blank 227g 25 Pdr Details
PT1507A 40mm L/60 Bofors Blank 40mm Details
PT3512 75mm Blank 75mm Details
PT1514 105mm Howitzer Blank 105mm Details



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