The specialist ammunition we are offering is rigorously tested, fine-tuned and built for purpose. Primetake ammunition can be relied upon in the most critical scenarios.

In light of recent terror incidents across the world, Primetake would like to respectfully remind our customers of the specialist ammunition products we have designed specifically to combat such scenarios in the most effective manner possible.

Not only do our specialist brass ammunition products disable targets quickly and accurately but crucially mitigate risk of collateral damage through ingenious projectile design. This has been achieved through years of terminal ballistics testing and high speed video recording to understand and control the desired effect of our specialist projectiles. The ammunition we are offering is rigorously tested, fine-tuned and built for purpose.

9 x 19mm Counter Terror Round

Primetake-317One of the finest examples of Primetake’s specialist ammunition is the 9mm Counter Terror Round, designed for use in confined spaces and sensitive areas such as aircraft or built up areas where bystanders and hostage situations demand low risk of over penetration. The projectile is designed to impart its kinetic energy within the target ensuring that collateral damage is minimised or eliminated altogether. You can see the incredible terminal effects comparison versus a conventional 9mm round in this high speed video.

The 9mm Counter Terror (CT) round cycles and functions through both the 9mm Glock 17 pistol and the 9mm MP5 SMG, with exceptional close quarter combat accuracy at distances up to and including 15 metres for the pistol and 50 metres for the MP5.

7.62 x 51mm (.308″) Special Purpose 2

Primetake-297 Another of Primetake’s specialist ammunition products perpetually more effective than its conventional counterpart is the 7.62 x 51mm (.308″) Special Purpose 2 (SP2) round. This round is specifically designed to counteract the deflection issue when shooting through glass, which may normally block any chance of engaging a target accurately. The SP2 round utilises a flat nosed projectile designed to defeat laminated and double glazed windows at a distance of 100 metres. The round will penetrate windows and remain accurate to achieve target engagement of the initial point of aim behind the defeated window. SP2 maintains sufficient residual kinetic energy post primary target due to high mass and velocity retention. Not only this, the SP2 round is extremely accurate through sniper rifles (≤ 1 MOA) with a high level of barrier penetration and retained mass. Again, the terminal effects of this round can be seen in our high speed video.

If you have any requirements for the aforementioned specialist products or within another calibre or product natures (i.e. 12 Gauge, Distraction Devices) please do not hesitate to contact us.