Bird Scaring/Saluting

Primetake provides a range of ceremonial cartridges for occasions such as Royal birthdays, military events and religious festivals or cartridges for training leading up to such events.

These can be produced in any calibre to fit all types of cannon, field gun or Howitzer. Our two piece aluminium case offers a low cost option with reliable, safe effects.

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Saluting Cartridge Brochure.


Image Product Product Description Calibre
PT1507A Cartridge 40mm L/60 Bofors Blank 40mm
PT1508A Cartridge, 3 Pdr, Blank, 300g Charge 3 pdr
PT1522A Cartridge 25 Pdr, Blank, 110g Charge 25 pdr
PT1522B Cartridge 25 Pdr, Blank, 454g Charge, Modular 25 pdr
PT1522C Cartridge 25 Pdr, Blank, 454g Charge 25 pdr
PT1522D Cartridge 25 Pdr, Blank, 227g Charge 25 pdr
PT3512 Cartridge, 75mm, Blank 75mm

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