The Primetake team are proud to announce that our bird scaring product range has received CE accreditation. This icon can be bestowed upon products traded on the single market within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The CE mark shows that a product adheres to the highest standards required within the EU with regards to safety, health, and environmental requirements and is compliant with EU legislation. As a result of the product’s accreditation, it is granted free movement within the European market.

Pigeons often congregate at airports. Bird scaring devices are needed to secure airplanes against threats of collision.

CE variants include:

PT 1000 – Standard 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges

PT 1001 – Screech 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges

PT 1006 – Long Range 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges

PT 1044 – Extended Range Tracer 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges

PT 1044C – Icarus 12 Gauge Bird Scaring Cartridges

PT 1008 – Shotgun Screech Bird Scaring Cartridges

While our wildlife deterrent products have been used in a variety of different settings – from urban industry to rural agriculture – the vast majority of end users relying on our bird scaring products work within the aviation sector. From large international airports to small private or regional airfields and military bases, our bird scaring devices are used daily around the world to ensure planes are able to arrive and depart safely.

The international nature of our client base has previously meant that excessive paperwork, importation regulations, and new rules as a result of Brexit have occasionally been a hindrance. Our new accreditation mitigates these difficulties, making it easier than ever for clients within the EU member states to purchase bird scaring cartridges.

Keep an eye out on our ‘Latest News’ section and our social media pages for further details on upcoming accreditations, R&D innovations, and more.

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Bird strikes can be detrimental to safe take offs and landings.