38mm Signal Cartridges

PT4512 – 38mm Signal Cartridges

Methods of Use

The 38mm Signal Cartridge is to be used in the role of medium range signalling and illumination. It is intended to be used for battle field/exercise signalling, ship to ship / ship to shore signalling, LZ/DZ location and general signalling at airports/oil rigs. The 38mm Signal Cartridge functions consistently and effectively in all expected operational environmental conditions at temperatures ranging from -46°C to +71°C (Military) and -20°C to +50°C (Commercial).


The Primetake 38mm Signal Cartridge is housed within a waterproofed and hermetically sealed Aluminium case and comprises a propellant charge, serving a precision pressed, solid flare projectile unit. The cartridges are identified by tactile markings moulded on the colour coordinated closure cap.


The coloured signal variants provide pure, high intensity light signatures, visible and identifiable in bright sunlight at and beyond 1km from the firing point for approximately 7 seconds. The illuminating cartridge is both brighter and longer in duration with an operating function time typically in excess of 8 seconds, fired vertically the range is between 80 and 130m from the point of fire with full performance reached 15m from the weapon. The cartridges have an ignition percentage of 99% when conditioned at 21 C+-3.

Articles should remain within the original sealed package and be stored within a temperature controlled environment of +5°C to +30°C; relative humidity should not exceed 70%. Storage outside of these conditions will not be warranted and may reduce the shelf life and lead to the articles not functioning as intended.

Colour                 Candela          Part No.
Red                        min 85,000       PT4512A
Green                    min 30,000       PT4512B
White                    min 50,000       PT4512C
Illuminating        min 170,000      PT4512D

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