12 Gauge

Primetake’s range of Breaching / Solid Cartridges consists of RAM Rounds, Anti-Material Rounds and Solid Slug Rounds.

RAM Rounds penetrate door hinges, locks and windows.

Anti Material rounds are designed to disrupt and disable soft skin vehicles.

The Solid Slug has been developed as an aid to target training.

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Image Product Product Description Calibre Media (Video)
PT1017 Cartridge 12G Anti-Material Steel 12G
PT1030A Cartridge 12G RAM/Entry Stainless Steel Non WP 12G Video
PT1030D 12G RAM Round – Stainless Steel (70mm) Magnum 12G
PT1035A Cartridge 12G RAM/Entry Steel WP 12G
PT1041 12 Gauge Solid Slug 12G

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